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Frequently Asked Questions

Question What is Vital XL?

Answer Vital XL is a natural herbal formula for male sexual enhancement that works to increase sex drive, strengthen erection, stop premature ejaculation, boost ejaculation levels, and improve sexual health.

Question What does Vital XL do?

Answer Vital XL will increase sex drive, harden erections, improve sexual performance, prevent premature ejaculation, and supports the healthy production of the sex hormones. Increasing stamina and sex drive by increasing cardiovascular power and improving circulation.

Question Will there be any side effects?

Answer NO. Vital XL tablets are noninvasive and we have taken special efforts to offer you a non-allergenic product with no fillers or by-products. All natural ingredients allow your body to easily digest and absorb VXL.

Vital XL is a 100% safe proprietary blend of 100% natural herbs. Only the world's top 10% quality herbal ingredients were used in this formula to ensure it's potency

Question How do you use Vital XL?

Answer Take Two capsules daily (may be used long-term)

Question How fast does Vital XL work?

Answer Vital XL works very fast, in most cases in under three days. Cases of arousal and desire have been reported in under two days. Once the program is started the effects of Vital XL are prolonged.

Question How many pills are there in each bottle?

Answer Each bottle of Vital XL contains 60 Capsules.

Question How Long will Vital XL Last for?

Answer Each bottle of Vital XL will last for approximately one month

Question What Is Vital XL?

Answer Vital XL is a 100% safe is a proprietary blend of 100% natural herbs, top ten percent in the world were used in this formula to ensure potency. Click here for details.

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Vital XL
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